hottest Overweight Problems

I'm quite interested in the National Geographic television program "taboo" the culture of gavage as I watched last night with respect to people who have an overweight problem. Obesity, health experts and researchers have been conducting research and observation that 1 / 3 of the world's population overweight problem. In the early 50 's, do not apply a lot of people who suffer from excess body weight than it is now of interest to researchers studying the factors that make this matter more seriously. With the increase of population is overweight, it is known as Globesiti.

Sometimes factors such as diet that caused the event occurred. This situation can be seen with our naked eyes on the number of additional light and fast-food restaurant that existed in the surrounding towns and cities. We can identify the content of snacks and fast that a lot of calories, fat, and sugar. That's not even vending machines that sell food and soft drinks are also easily found in any - any place to facilitate buyers to obtain food and drink they enjoy.

Modern life style is also One of the factors. Previously, not many facilities to make it easier to move from one place to another. The situation changed at the present time about the existence of many vehicles and other kemudahana well as escalators and so on. Nowadays not many people are not moving like the old days.

The existence of an association or organization that recognizes them to gain weight as NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance). You can CLICK HERE to know more about these organizations and associations. NAAFA is a really already is one of the growing number of people suffering from weight problems. Even abroad there for the beauty queen, and this shows that they want to tell all those people are not marginalized just because of the problems they face. NAAFA and also do not want that person is overweight is dideskriminasi and so forth.

Culture and customs. Typically, the fat is always portrayed with a bad smell, lazy not pretty any more other properties of the thin and beautifully illustrated, hard working and intelligent style. People would consider fat to give a negative connotation. But perception is very different for people in the country Mauritania where they assume that people who have a great body (fat) has its own attractions. (Happy, healthy, and beautiful and charming). People there who looked thin does not have the beauty and looked down. Above factors, the people there (the parents) would force their daughters to become obese, they will force their children to eat excessively when they are 8 years old. Girls will be forced to drink the milk of which can be so exhausted that even if the child does not want to cry to do so. However, these countries allow the practice of gavage.


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